Monday, February 16, 2015

This isn't an adventure. This is my life.

So, it's been a BUSY year... Obviously I haven't made the time to post blogs about life in the Bush.

Perhaps that's because it's been busy. Perhaps because this is no longer an "adventure" but instead, this is my life. My real life, day to day, struggles and joys.

When I first started this blog in 2010 (really?? almost 4 years ago!), I didn't know how long this Alaskan adventure would last... I thought this would be an easy, effective way to communicate all my fun to my friends and family in the lower 48. There were many folks at the time not on facebook, therefore they didn't see my daily or weekly posts about life in Alaska.

But as I've made this place my home over the past few years, I guess I realize that this is just life. Yes, it's fun to post pictures of my moose hunts or beautiful sunsets out boating. And it's great to blog about major events, the whole idea of journaling/recording my adventure has fizzled.

This is life. Posts will probably be less and less frequent. If you are someone, or know someone, who isn't on facebook I am always happy to get emails or phone calls.

Here are a few pictures from this year... A year filled with everything life should be, laughter and joy, some stress and a little bit of uneasiness. Thanks to my family near and far for their support, their time, their energy, and most of all, their love. I am really, truly blessed.

Other than the first four pictures, which are from Christmas break, the rest should be in chronological order... Enjoy!
Hanging with my girl MJ.

First driving lesson with her favorite auntie!

All three of my monkeys, in their matching pajamas from Brownie.

We were both a bit sad that Auntie Awesome was leaving...

The cute little pup in August... Kuzi sure has grown since then!

Enjoying a beautiful summer day. :)


Senator Murkowski came in September for the grand
opening of the new school.

The night Trevor caught his moose, and we drove home by cell
phone flashlights because it got dark.

Geese hunting.

This place...

Hmm... No idea where I was, but apparently I
thought I was having a good hair day and thought
it should be documented. :)

In October, I went to Anchorage for some training. Jana Mae flew up to
hang out for the weekend! :)

Halloween with some good friends.

Halloween at school... The 2006 version of myself.

And the monster has grown.

Thanksgiving with my boys and Court.

Hanging with my girl CJ.

Also sad to be leaving... :(

Coming home from Emo in January.

New school, playground.

BEST thank you note ever. This kid rocks.

Ariel Tweto came to AUK as part of her new "Popping Bubbles" tour.
She has a similar personality to me, so we got along great.
She had a good message about goal setting and dreaming big for our kids. 
I don't know when I'll post again... Perhaps when I've got more fun pictures to share. For now, stay tuned on facebook, or email me for updates. My phone is always on me (unless I'm out of service because I'm snow machining). Much love and hugs.



  1. I have to admit I miss reading about all that you do, Sammy, but I completely understand your point. Life is something to be shared, though, and I hope you find a more functional medium to journal. One day you and I will both look back at at these 2010-2014 posts and enjoy the "adventures"... Thanks for writing. Thanks for being.

    1. Thanks for always making me smile, Sam. You're right. They've been fantastic adventures, good times have been had. You're also right that life is to be shared... Perhaps a monthly or bi-monthly update wouldn't hurt...Thanks for reminding me. :)

  2. Great Pics! Hope you have more. :)

    1. I haven't even visited my blog in over a year... life has gotten so busy!! I do have many more pictures, but mostly share on facebook or instagram now... Perhaps I'll do a final blog post next month as I prepare to move to the next chapter of life, after Bush Alaska.