Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Checking Net

I have been very lucky and blessed to be able to participate in many cultural activities. I have become good friends with many who are excited to share their traditions and culture with me. From my first fall here, I have gone on many boat rides with my brothers to look for moose, seal, and whale. I have followed people on snow machine to different villages for various events, to hunt ptarmigan, rabbits, and moose, or to go manaq (ice fishing).

This spring was the first time I've ever tagged along to check net. Here, many people put nets under the ice in the winter. Sunday afternoon, I got a text to go take a ride. The three of us dressed up, warmed up the ski doos, and headed out to the dock to meet Greg and Aggie and Donovan.

It turns out checking net is quite a bit of work. Greg and Donovan's nets hadn't been checked for quite some time so the ice was pretty thick. We all took turns ice picking and scooping the ice out. We had 3 nets to check, and started at the longest one.

I was so excited that Donovan was letting me help, and I even broke through the ice on the first hole. My feelings of being expert at ice picking was soon dashed as I was helping with our hole at the next net... Again, it was toward the bottom of the ice layer. Donovan was letting me have a turn. I broke through the ice and, OOPS, accidentally let go of the ice pick. Apparently my brain wasn't firing on all cylinders, because I just said, "OH NO!!" as I watched the pick fall through the hole and into the bottom of the river... Donovan was a second too late diving for the ice pick as well.
"You didn't come for nothing!"

Having a little fun on the river.

I wonder if this is when I dropped the pick... Or maybe the first hole when
I was excited to have hit water. 

It was pretty heavy.

Some old fish... Eeee.

The most important job is given to the most important person...
Counting fish!

Typical government worker. HA!

Cheese balls.

Such a beautiful day.


Best buddies!

Scoop it Greg!

Love her.

Seriously Andrew.... 

Making the hole good so we can pull the net from the other side.

Everybody helps. :)

Checking net is HARD work, man! 

I think he's putting the net back in the water.

Break time for the bosses. :)

Break time for the workers.

Even Laura gave it a shot. 
And this would be when I dropped the ice pick... Oops!!!

The ONE fresh fish of the day.

Someone was a bit alapaa!

Made me a bit nervous to let Laura take my machine, but she did great!! 
 Later in the day... We went for a little ride to look for moose. Laura was really wanting to see one... Then we came back to the net... There we found Donovan, his mom Juanita, and his dad Willie... Attempting to get the ice pick out of the river.

 Tuesday afternoon... Back to the nets again... This time with magnets AND a fishing pole.
Shane, Christine, and I enjoying the sun. 

Just as Donovan showed up, they apparently had the pick on the hook...

Poor Don! The water is super cold. But thank goodness for his long arms... LOL.
Ice pick rescued!

Checking net. Caught a few fish on Tuesday!

I just love this picture. 

Ready to go for a ride!

Some of the best friends a girl could hope for... Thanks for
including me in your lives, teaching me your traditions, and
not getting mad when I drop things in the river. Kenkamken!

Looking forward to checking net again! :) This time, I'll tie a rope to the pick and put it around my waist. Or my neck. I won't go far into the hole, they're not big enough. HA!

Thanks again, my family and friends for the awesome afternoon out in the sunshine.


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