Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Laura and Andrew's visit March 2014

It has become a tradition for someone in my family to visit each year... My first year here, Dad came in January. Last year, Mom, Granny, Papa, Aunt Candy, and Uncle Ron came to visit. This year, the two triplets were supposed to come with their significant others. However, because of pregnancy, work, and whatever else, Hannah and Shane didn't make it.

Laura and Andrew got here on March 20th. My favorite pilot of all time flew them in, took care of them, and introduced them to Bush Alaska flying. I picked them up at the airport for a mini tour of Alakanuk before coming back to school.

It was highly entertaining watching people call Laura Sammy as we walked through the hallway. The looks of confusion and then the smiles when I explained made my whole week. The kids loved meeting Laura and Andrew-just like they loved the rest of the family on their visits.

Over the course of their stay, we played in a basketball tournament, practiced city league in the evenings, I graded and did report cards, we visited Emo, walked to the cafe, and checked net with some friends. Laura attempted to make dirt cake, but I didn't have the right kind of pudding or milk, so it wasn't perfect, but the kids at school still devoured it.

The highlight of my time with Laura and Andrew here was coming home to clean dishes, folded laundry, and Andrew vacuuming. HA!! I kid, that was really nice, but it was even more fun to show my sister and Andrew my life here in Alakanuk. Now they understand my love for this village and the people who have become good friends and family.

Here are a few pictures... I'll do a separate blog about checking net soon.
Their first look at AUK. 

Thanks Mike!

It's good to have good friends.

Some of us just never grow up...

Off to Emo!

Thanks Jim and Debbie for letting us
borrow your machine. :) Laura and Andrew on the river
just outside the AUK slough. Headed to EMO.

Big experience... Shopping at AC.

Taking a walk Saturday afternoon--power out so I couldn't
do report cards. BEAUTIFUL, warm weather. :)

Who says he's worthless... I was fine with him cleaning. :)

Happy birthday!

Checking oil... Nobody wants a blown piston.

Getting ready to check net on Sunday with
Greg, Aggie, and Donovan.


Our "Where in the world is Lake County Examiner?" picture to submit.

Sisters at the dock.

This about sums up our friendship...

Maxine brought over some native foods for them to try.

Last night together, so much laughter.

He's a baller!

Laura's injuries from the tournament... But all worth it.
She got all star and the team gave her the 3rd place trophy to
take come as a souvenier. :)

We all know Laura is good at spoiling kids... No different for
my 17 munchkins.... Puzzles, pencils, balloons, whisles, erasers, candy...

This seemed to happen quite frequently...

Dinner at the cafe. Visiting with a teacher and her husband
who came over from Emo to have dinner.

It was a great trip!!! I am looking forward to their next visit. They are talking about coming back in the fall time so we can go out boating and looking for moose. Start saving those pennies and airmiles, guys! :)

I've got extra beds, plenty of food, and would LOVE to have folks come visit. Just let me know when you're up for an Alakanuk adventure!


P.S. Most of these pictures were taken by Laura, but in my impatience, she wasn't able to edit them... I think they look great as is, wouldn't you agree? :)

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