Sunday, September 8, 2013

Jana's visit

Jana came up the first week of work... It was good to see her, almost like she hadn't really moved away... The house was full of laughter and friends. The schedule included the Serious Game, boat rides to look for moose, some tasty snacks, and of course laughter.
This guy... Always so mischief!

Love this boy.

My sweet little girl.

Serious game...

A rare moment with no smiles.

Love it. Good family time, right there.

Boat ride while Jana was here.

Pro fire starter...

And pro stick collectors...


Jana the jerk-face (I jokes) got in the way of my picture. Haha.

So sweet... Worked in my classroom all day, then left me a series
of notes that nearly made me tear up.

The rest of these pictures may have been while Jana was visiting, or they may be from any one of the numerous nights we've enjoyed dinner and each other's company... :)

What's dinner without dessert?

New hairdo. Thanks sis.

Is that play dough? Nope! Laffy taffy mustache!

So tough!

Now I think we're about caught up on the majority of the fun and excitement since I got home... :) I'll be better about posting more frequently. Until next time... Cheers!


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