Sunday, September 15, 2013

Weekend festivities and fun.

This weekend was our first "Brave Bucks" open gym. It was fun to hang out with the kids who'd earned enough brave bucks to come play ball, watch a movie, use the computers, etc. I was completely exhausted after 2 late nights and early mornings, but decided to go offer a helping hand. Usually I like to run around and play ball with the kids, but this weekend I was limited to walking around and helping with computers or wandering around. :)

After the open gym, I went out on a boat ride with Greg and Aggie. Pius followed us in his little boat and he took his auntie and a few cousins. It was a BEAUTIFUL day. We ate some of my moose over campfire, laughed a TON like always, and chased a few seals (I think they were the ringed seals?). At dinner I practiced my spear throwing abilities... It was fun to play around on the tundra with the kids. :)

Didn't catch anything. Wait, yeah we did... Pius caught a duck. So we stopped on the tundra for them to pluck the bird and OF COURSE a wrestling match quickly came about... Good laughs. :)

Another beautiful day in Alaska. Here's to a great week at work! :)

The water was so calm. Beautiful.

A little practice. :)

Geese! One of the kids counted 42, I think they said.

Hahaha. Gregory's smile. :) Cousins trying to make a fire for smarshmellows!

Black bull... Mmmmm.

Practice throwing the darts.

Gregory made this... I love the wooden motor...

Good catch, little bro.

Bathroom break! No prettier place to pee!

This duck was getting ready to head south... But this year, no vacay for him!

Have a great week!


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