Sunday, September 8, 2013

Weekend boat ride

I have spent many evenings lately with some really good friends. We've gone out looking for moose and seals. We've had dinner over a fire on the tundra. We've been in some pretty rainy weather and seen some really beautiful sunsets. We've laughed a little... Okay, we've laughed A LOT! I am so grateful for these friends and the memories we make each trip. 

Here are a few pictures from this weekend's boat ride... Enjoy!
Greg and Kinsey headed out to look for moose with Jimmy

Great day for a boat ride!

Ready to look for some moose!

This kid never fails to make me laugh.

Chasing some mukluk.

Got some good laughs hearing these two little kiddos when they'd spot the seal.

Gotta be ready!

A little duck hunting on the way...

Dinner time!

Agatha forgot forks... Greg found a good one!

So sassy!

World's best hunting guide right there... :) If the boat driver sleeps, the moose come out. 

Beautiful evening with some of my favorites.

This was my Saturday trip... Chased seals for most of the afternoon, then looked for moose for a few hours after dinner. No luck with either animal, but there's plenty of time left before freeze up! Thanks again Greg and Agatha (and Pius and Gregory) for taking me out!


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