Monday, August 26, 2013

Year 3.

I would've never thought that on the eve of my third year teaching the thought that would be running through my head most is, "Man I can't wait until I can sit criss cross with my kids or to lesson plan..." Oh how things change when you have unexpected knee surgery over the summer. ;)

It was a great summer filled with trainings for work, sitting in Paisley with my knee propped up, plenty of laughter and almost enough family. However, I must admit I am VERY happy to be home in Alakanuk. Coming in 2 weeks ago, my heart began to swell with joy the smaller the planes got.

We spent the past week and a half in trainings for new Language Arts curriculum, new behavior management framework, and unpacking a completely packed up school. I am sad to say that my lesson planning was a bit rushed tonight since I didn't get it started until after 9 tonight, but I am happy that school is almost here!

I am very excited about this year. I have been able to attend some trainings over the summer for some awesome programs, Wonders (new K-6 Language Arts curriculum) and elementary CM (constructing meaning--to support our English Language Learners). I am super excited to implement these in my classroom and help my students learn and grow!

I will blog more this week with some pictures and updates of what I have done the past two weeks besides working because, belive me, there was plenty of fun too! :)

Cheers folks. Here's to the best school year yet! :)


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