Sunday, November 10, 2013

Winter Storm 11/9/13

Yesterday afternoon was pretty windy, maybe rainy, I can't remember. About 7:45 last night Paul came to my door and said there was flooding by AVEC and we could potentially lose water, sewer, and power. So I filled a few totes of water, and began preparing for an evening (or longer) without water, power, sewer...

At about 8:15 I decided to go explore. Many friends who live on the other end of town were posting about flooding at their houses, and a friend told me it was knee deep at his place. So, I slapped on my knee brace, jumped into my rubber boots and went for a walk. It wasn't long before I decided that I was going to seriously freak myself out in the dark, so I wandered to Theresa's to see if she wanted to join.

We walked to the UUI building, right by our houses and water was HIGH, getting pretty close to the road... Then we walked down past the school, then to AVEC. Here are some pictures and videos. It was dark, so they might be pretty hard to see. The last picture is from today, I walked to the UUI building on my way to school and water is WAY down... 

I am so thankful that everything turned out okay here in AUK. However, please pray for the other villages. Kotlik was hit pretty hard, they're out of water and sewer because of the flooding. Nunam lost power, but I don't know of their status right now.

The current by my old house. Right by the school.

Current was pretty strong. 

Water across the road where the road hits the main road, I guess?
Where you turn to come to laundry instead of going around by PO...

Pretty smart idea, I'd say!

Akleng! Someone's bike.. :(

Current at AVEC, I think.

The current by my boots right by AVEC. Hondas made it through fine, though.

Water on the road by water treatment plant.

Getting the hondas up on higher ground. And water by water treatment.

The bucket on the right took a tumble with a gust of wind. Scared Theresa and I. :)
In the middle of the road...

Some crazies tried to run us over! Haha.

Headed back to the house. Water went down a LOT. You can't see very well in this picture.

Only about 35 minutes after we first walked past here. Water was down a lot.

35 minutes. water down. You can see where it was (the dark) and by this point it was
 back down to the side of the road...
This morning... Last night, we walked to here and the water was just inside the frame of this picture.
You can see the water in the slough. On the other side of that little hump is probably a few feet down to the bank.
I was in tennis shoes not rubber boots otherwise I'd have gone closer to the slough to check it out.

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