Sunday, November 3, 2013

End of Quarter 1

So. Imagine that. Sammy Jo procrastinated report cards and grades until the final week. No wonder it was a  71 hour work week...

She vowed to be better about entering grades daily or every other day, then received an email that said not to enter any grades until further notice... Some bug with the gradebooks they're working on...

Ho hum. What's a girl to do? Well. Teach her hiney off, to start with... Mid-week boat ride to Emo for eggs. Handing out candy. Boat ride to check net. And halloween carnival. That brought me to a Sunday to catch up on college, lesson plan, and clean my house. I am not super proud to say that the only thing I did today was vacuum, dishes, laundry, and catch up on one of 2 classes... Here's to an early night and an early morning at work.


My in-boat TV entertainment was a little snowy Weds afternoon. 

So exciting to see white on the bank!!

Winter is coming!!!

Kinsey and Holly bundled up to go shopping. :)

Hope freeze up comes fast!

Lesson learned: Paper cupcake liners, no matter how squished they are
or how quickly the go in oven, they don't work like foil ones...
Spookly the Square Pumpkin, anyone?

The coolest costumes... 

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