Sunday, November 24, 2013

November happenings

Since my last post I feel like I haven't had time to slow down and think let alone write anything...

The flood ended up not being too bad here. Some people downtown said it flooded as bad as it does in spring time. However, I don't know of any damages, except maybe some problems with snow machines and hondas. Thank goodness we didn't get hit harder. Kotlik, another village in my district, got hit HARD with ice. They were without water and sewer for a while, and I think that even now part of their village is without. But I'm not sure.

We were expecting flood again Wednesday of that week, and because of how our village is, when water began to rise quickly around noon on Wednesday we released school early. Many of the classes were around 50% attendance anyway because parents either had kept them home that morning, or had come to get them when they were concerned that water would rise to a point that they couldn't come get their children. I am glad our school was conscious of the situation and very grateful that no flooding occurred on Wednesday. I think they said water came within inches of the bank, but none spilled over on Wednesday.

On Thursday I was scheduled to fly to Mountain Village to present some training on Friday. After a phone call saying the lights were broken, and another that said our runway was too soft, I cried because I had been looking forward to catching up with some friends in MOU. Turns out everything works out. I ended up on a plane around 6 PM to Mountain and spent Thursday night prepping for presenting on Friday. After work Friday, I hung around MOU for another night and thoroughly enjoyed the laughter and conversation with some great friends. Saturday evening I went to KSM to visit some friends there and was grateful for a weekend break from work and stresses.

This week was tough. I had a few very frustrating days, and spent each evening working late into the night followed by early mornings. I wish I could say that I was completely caught up on my life--college, grading, prepped for this week--but I am not...

We spent Monday through Thursday conserving water as much as possible... For me, that meant to laundry, no dishes, and no showering. A Thursday evening text okayed us to use water again, so Friday morning brought a shower, but still no time to do dishes and laundry. Needless to say, my house is a disaster... Dishes are finally done now, I have only 2 loads of laundry left to do. And I need another day in the weekend so I can get caught up in college...

Thursday and Friday of this week our volleyball team traveled to Mountain Village for the regional volleyball tournament. I was disappointed to not be allowed to travel, but because of how many other staff members were out, I stayed behind. I was able to watch our kids play via VTC, which was nice, but its just not the same. Our team ended up second place, so season is over.

We've got a short week ahead of us, 2 1/2 days... Here's to some Thanksgiving crafts and fun coupled with some delicious food toward the end of the week! :)

Front row seats... Go Braves!

Fans of all ages enjoyed the game. :)

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