Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Thanksgiving break 2013

It always amazes me how I go into a long weekend thinking, "Man, I've got 4 1/2 days to get this pile of stuff done, no big deal. By Sunday, I'll be done with everything and can relax..." Well, Wednesday afternoon is wasted by sleeping/being lazy from being so worn out all week... Then Thursday is Thanksgiving, so its spent skyping family, cooking, and enjoying the company of family and friends. Friday is a day of sleeping in and basketball games. As is Saturday. Then, lo and behold, Sunday rolls around and Sammy Jo hasn't even STARTED her homework, grading, planning, or cleaning...

Story of my life. Every. Darn. Weekend...

However, it was a much needed long weekend. I missed my students, of course, but it was nice to catch up on sleep and enjoy the company of some fabulous people in the community. :)

I was invited to spend Thanksgiving with my Alakanuk family, the Ayuneraks. I made 2 pumpkin pies the morning of Thanksgiving (which the family doubted my ability to get finished in time), along with a green bean casserole (missed you Amy and Aunt Susan!), and some mashed potatoes. I must admit, I didn't have time to shower, but it was okay... The hair was straight from the day before and I threw on some deodorant. :)

Thanksgiving dinner was very similar to what my family has done for years. :) Turkey and yummy side dishes... Lots of laughter and visiting... A few kids running around. Plenty of fun to warm my heart and make me feel a little less homesick for my family. Around 5 I headed to the gym to join my fellow staff members for potluck. :) It was fun to watch my coworkers' children play and just relax a little. Dinner was in the gym then the staff had some volleyball fun. However, I skipped volleyball and instead headed to TC for eskimo dance. I didn't stay long as I was with other teachers who were tired... My intent was to go home and sleep after eskimo dance, but instead I went up to the gym for a short time to watch city league play ball... Then off to Greg and Aggie's for a visit. :) After some ball in the boys' room, some akutaq (I might  have spelled it wrong, sorry!) and juice, I headed home around 11:30...

All in all Thanksgiving was a great day. I am so grateful for friends and family in so many places. :)

Here are a few random pictures... Until next time!


Pendleton, OR?! All the way in Alakanuk, AK?!! Couldn't believe it!

The beginning miles on season 3... Not enough snow for me to go far, but apparently
the trail to Emo is passable,  just rough in a few places.

My hair stylists. :)

For family pictures... 

For family pictures. Because who doesn't want a picture by the
above ground water/sewer pipes?! :)

SO thankful for all I've been blessed with, from awesome family and friends, to a great job
in a wonderful community, to my utter badass attitude. Here's to a FANTASTIC holiday season and a fabulous 2014. :)

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