Sunday, February 9, 2014

December and January

WHOA! Just opened my blogger and noticed my last post was Dec. 3rd... Oops! So a lot has happened since Thanksgiving break... My students recited a few snowman poems for the Christmas program... I attended Misfit Christmas with some great friends in Anchorage. I got to watch my brothers play basketball and win not only the first place trophy for the old guy league, but also the sportsmanship trophy. School started back up and I was so excited to be back with my students! January has flown buy... It was a month full of illnesses--teaching while sick, having nearly 50% attendance for a few days, etc.

We haven't had much snow. It's been a really weird winter here. We've had a ton of rain and freezing rain. Every time I get excited about an inch of snow falling, a day or two later comes the rain. I've fallen a few times this winter, but overall the knee seems to be doing just fine.

We have hosted junior high basketball games, high school boys basketball, and this weekend high school girls basketball. I absolutely love the chance to watch our kids play. It is fun to hang out with the community, cheer on our kids, and make memories. In class, we've been working hard in reading more complex texts and we're really coming along with our addition and subtraction skills. I'm so proud of the kids!

Last week we celebrated 100 days of school. The kids were excited for jello, popcorn (they counted 100 kernels) and celebrating how much smarter they've become in just 100 school days.

Here are some pictures from the past 2 months. :)


So stoked to be able to bend my knee all the way. :) WOO!

2014 Christmas trees... :)

Time for a reload of marshmallows..

Epic battle.

Making gingerbread cookie dough at school the week of Christmas.

My adorable little snowpeople!

 I was very optimistic about the snow... Then the rain came.

Visiting friends in KSM on my way to Anchorage. So beautiful.

Pizza, beer, and Captain Phillips at Bear's Tooth. The beginning of an awesome 5 days
and Misfit Christmas. :)

Christmas morning... Massage line. ;) Love these girls!

Fireworks on the slough. Happy 2014!!

Late night trip home from ball games in Emo. :) 

One afternoon, at the end of the slough by Anna's house. Kouselvak (which I spelled wrong)
is way out there somewhere!

Late January rain... :(

New iPad in our classroom! Thanks to the generous folks who donated
through my donorschoose site. :)

Watching the halftime show. :) 

Late January sunrise... Warm out,  walking around in shorts and slippers!

raz-kids on the iPad. The kids LOVE it!

Nerd Day at school... :)
Taking the hair OUT of the crazy hair day 'do.

Matching orange shirts Saturday morning.

Love the family.
We're 100 days smarter AND sillier! :)
How is it already February 9th!? AHH!!!

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