Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Manaqing, basketball, ski doo rides, melting snow.

Over the past 2 weeks, it seems that all remnants of winter have been sneaking away while summer is coming in full force... My last blog post was about manaqing up river a little ways. We went two Sundays in a row and I was was lucky enough to catch both times. Then, last Sunday, we went to Emo for groceries. We traveled over by Honda.... The river was starting to get pretty slushy with the warm temperatures we have been having. However, we made it safely, sliding all the way over and back. :) 

This past week at school seemed to go REALLY FAST!! As the site tech for our school, I was able to go to the new school Thursday afternoon and all day Friday to do some training on various systems including, intercom, key cards, fire systems (I didn't really need to be there for that, but since I was...) and I don't remember what else. I can say that I am SUPER excited for the new school... My fingers are super duper crossed that we'll move over the summer and start out the new year in the new building. I'm fairly optimistic that it will happen, but I'm not getting my hopes up too high...

Friday afternoon I traveled to Nunam to watch some friends play in a basketball tournament. I was scared to drive myself because a friend had told me that there was a lot of water Thursday night... So, I called around a bit and found someone who wanted to go but had to way to get there. I asked if he'd drive me over... 2 birds, 1 stone. It was a beautiful evening for a ride....

Saturday's plan was to grade papers and get caught up on housework and life in general... Well... I went back to Nunam instead. This time with another friend as a travelling partner (I let him drive too... Not because I was nervous this time, the river was great, more because he's SUPER tall and I was concerned if he'd fit on the seat behind me. Ha!) Donovan mentioned being a little scared a time or two and asked if I was scared. I wasn't, for the most part. The parts where there was lots of water for a long ways, I definitely held on tighter to him, but I didn't fear for my life. He said he just didn't want to sink my ski doo. Haha Thanks Don for not sinking the ski doo and getting us home safely. :) The weather wasn't as sunny, but still a super warm trip over and back. It was great to catch up with Clay and Monica, watch some friends play more basketball, play in a game myself (26 points.... I don't think I've ever scored that many in a game...), and enjoy a relaxing afternoon/evening away from work.

Sunday was a lazy morning, afternoon Easter activities at the TC, then dinner with Theresa, Paul and Melanie. 

Today the plan was to grade papers all day (we had a vacation day). However, I couldn't force myself to wake up... Then I walked to the store, Ayunerak's house, TC, and back home. Sat down and graded for less than an hour then got dressed up and went out manaqing at Tin Can. I caught my first chee (or maybe shee) fish. 

Here are some pictures from the past 10 or so days... Here's to a 4 day week, some sub plans, a night with my favorite pilots, a day of work, then a trip to Portland! Hard to believe we'll be in May before I blink again! AHH!!!!

It's funny the pictures the kids get when I don't
realize they've grabbed my phone... HA!

Max n Morris resetting some fire door at the new school. 

Friday night headed to Nunam.

Such a nice day to ride!

Freddie, Donovan, Butch warming up.

Go Rockstars!!

Apaulu waiting to go in.

Count it!

Pretty clear headed home Saturday night... This is about
9:30, I think...

When you're having a good hair day, you just gotta capture it.

Shane dancing at the TC on Easter.

Beautiful sunny day!!

There's my Ayunerak gang again... :)

Caught my first shee fish.

Manaqing at Tin Can. The sun came through briefly.




SO slushy!

Sassy boy.

Laura Mae... This is how we manaq...
Here's to a productive week! :) 


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