Saturday, May 3, 2014

The beauty that is Bush Alaska

The other night after I was at school too late working on sub plans and grading, I noticed that the sunset over the slough was beautiful. So rather than taking a right out of the gym doors to go down the steps, over the pipes, and straight home, I took a left and went down the ramp, through some mud and to the edge of the slough... Here are a few pictures that I captured that night.

All the pictures were taken on my iPhone with no filters and no editing.

From outside school as I walked to the slough

So pretty! Around 11:15 PM

It was way pretty how the sun was reflecting on the wet rocks.

My battery died... So after a 15 minute charge session, this is what
I returned to see.

Earth movers

A couple snow machines coming home late.

Such a beautiful sunset. 

One final trip out to manaq. 

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