Friday, July 18, 2014

Summer 2014

What a whirlwind it has been! School got out on May 16th and the teachers worked on the 17th...

Holy. Cow. Once again, I was working down to the last second getting my room packed and stuff.... I was lucky to have many helpers in and out of my room all day offering assistance. :) I left the building feeling confident I hadn't forgotten to pack something, but I guess I won't really know until it's time to unpack next month! ha!

That smile always makes me smile! :)

The infamous picture... It was all on a bet... We won 5 gallons gas, and at
$8 a gallon, that's worth a kiss on the cheek!

I LOVE this sassy boy! :) 

And this sweet one too.

Maybe they heard swans or something?? I can't remember.
Pius, Greg Sr., Donovan, Greg Jr., Shane

What a beautiful evening for a boat ride and picnic.

A great last night in the village with some of the people
who I have missed the most...

That following week after most of the other teachers had left, I stayed behind and moved houses... A BIG thanks to Theresa and my Ayunerak gang for their help, I couldn't have done it without them... Obviously I took time that week to go boating (yes, the river was melted before I left this year) and had plenty of lazy time...

Summer began Memorial Day weekend when I flew into Redmond and was picked up by Ashley and Cody... We had Ashley's bridal shower and everything went well... Then,  it seemed as if there was something every weekend until the end of June... Noelle's graduation, Joe's college graduation, moving mom home from the coast, Ashley's wedding...
Dinner with old friends and drinking buddies.

With Emma and Jason... Scott and Ashley were there too!

The roommates.

Sure makes you proud, doesn't it?

There's the little turd, in the pink flowers. Yay Joe Joe!

It's official!

Broke a wine bottle in dad's boot (because we didn't have a corkscrew)...
Dad had to borrow one of Joe's boots until his dried and we got the glass out... 

It's what we do best.

Waiting for Mema to get out of class.

Coos Bay

It was a nice day, maybe a little chilly for Oregon coast water, though.

Chillin with my auntie!

Pre-wedding photo op.

Love those babies in those bellies.

Again, so proud...


Dancing with 2 of my favorites.

Playing in the FREEZING cold water at 8 in the morning... 

Stopped at Sea Lion Caves on the way back to Paisley... 
After the wedding, I returned to Paisley for a few days then took a camping trip with the Porath crew to Mountain Rushmore. :) It was so fun! The kids (and adults) loved the monument. There were hours of giggling, farting, and riding bikes. It was a ton of travelling, but oh so worth it! :)

Then we had Hannah's baby shower... Now I'm getting ready to head to Portland for a few days at the PBIS conference, then back to Paisley for Laura's reveal party and Mosquito Festival... Then off to Alaska in the Orange toaster! YAY!!!

Counting down the sleeps (17 until I'm in AUK), 10 until I'm heading out on a roadtrip.

It's been a great summer and I've had lots of fun! It has been great to catch up with people and I'm sad I didn't get to spend more time with others. I'm looking forward to getting home and hugging all my friends and family, to snuggling my new nephew Davon, and to doing some hunting.

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