Monday, August 18, 2014

Back at it!

I've been home for almost 2 weeks and it's been busy. I think I've spent equal amounts of time out boating and working at school... Officially, I've worked 2 contract days, but many many more before contracts started...

The new school is gorgeous. I am so happy that we've finally been given keys and the green light to get to work there. I'll post pictures of it once I've got my room finished.... So maybe Christmas, ha! It's a nice 10-15 minute walk from my house, depending on how much I want my legs to burn. :) Theresa and I walk together in the mornings, and sometimes in the evenings too--depending on schedules.

Here are some pictures from boating... So far we've chased whales and seals, saw a few moose, and had lots of laughter and good memories. So excited for another few months of boating with some of my favorite people in the world. :)

Oh yeah, I got a new puppy!! :) He is adorable. Looks just like a Mini Dre... He's ornery most of the time, but the snuggles are worth it. Haha.

I love my brother. Ha!

Berry picking. Lots of salmon berries!

The berry picking crew.... So much mischief at the front of the boat!

Supper time!

Meet Kuzi!

Waiting for tide to go down so we could check for clams...

Couldn't let the kids have ALL the fun... :) The boys took me
for a boat ride too. 

Pretty sunset.

Black river.

Chasing maqlaq.


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