Wednesday, April 9, 2014


It was a weekend full of beautiful weather. We went back to Unuskuq (I should not even try to sound them out, but I did go through the Yupik alphabet 4 times in my head trying to spell it... I'm sorry!) on Sunday, just like we did last Sunday... Last week, I caught my first 2 pike. In Yupik culture, you give away your first catch. I gave my pike to my "mom and dad" here in Alakanuk. This Sunday I caught 3 pike... We got home around 9 last night, so I left it out and planned to cut it today after school.

Let's remember that I live in Alaska--the land of outside refrigeration. Apparently, it was colder last night than I thought because my fish were too frozen to cut at 4 today... About 9 tonight, Mom called and said to come over and she'd teach me how to cut the pike to dry.

She did the first one while I watched and she explained where to place the uluaq etc. Then she set me to work, but with close supervision. It's always interesting to try something new... I remember my first salmon filleting experience. My first pike was much better. I felt like there was less meat wasted, and definitely more laughter.

I didn't take any pictures of cutting the pike. I'll try to get pictures of cutting pike up next time we catch and cut. But, here are a few pictures from the manaqing trip in general.

Thanks again Greg, Aggie, Pius, Gregory, Willie, and Donovan for the laughter,  good memories, and fun day of riding! :)


First catch... Last weekend.

In true Sammy fashion... Gotta kiss the first one...
You'll remember me kissing my first ptarmigan too?? 

Trying to fix my shotgun... 

Checking the otter hole.

"How many boys does it take...."

Bear tracks out there somewhere.

A little fun, everywhere we go!


Digging a new hole.

Sometimes you just need a nap...

Looking for Don. Beautiful evening.

Getting home around 9 PM... Sun going down on the river toward Nunam.

Little bit wind burn... 

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