Wednesday, April 2, 2014


Holy! A whole month has passed since I last updated... It was a BUSY March. My last blog post was the night before my birthday and included my big decision to stay in AUK. 

Here are a few pictures from that snow machine ride to Scammon Bay that I mentioned... It was a beautiful day, but the trail didn't have much snow. By the time we got home LATE Friday night, my muscles were screaming at me... 
Kuzi in the background.

My travelling partners: Donovan, Mikey, Buck, and Rena.

No fresh snow; really hard, icy trail.

Let's GO BRAVES!!!! Proud of you boys!

On my birthday everyone was gone... Theresa was travelling for science fair. Greg, Gregory, and Kaneisha were travelling for basketball. Aggie and Shane were still in Anchorage close to the hospital. So, rather than cooking myself birthday dinner, I got dressed up, fueled up, and followed a friend to Kotlik to watch our junior high basketball teams compete in the district tournament. Again, we didn't get any snow, so the trail was all icy and rough. HOWEVER, it was also another beautiful day for a ride. It was my first trip to Kotlik by snow machine. Our kids were successful, had a great weekend, and again I was proud to say I'm a brave. :)

Because, who DOESN'T skip warm up so they can do cake walk...
I love these kids.
The next week of March was full of the same general frustrations of me procrastinating all my grading and report cards to the last minute... We are getting more hours of daylight, more sunshine, but not enough snow... I'm hopeful that snow will come because my snow machine is barely over 3100 miles, and thats a mere 500 miles this season. LAME!

The next post will be about Laura and Andrew's visit. As always, here's to a spectacular week--hopefully something fun and exciting that I can share with you all.


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