Sunday, February 9, 2014

First ski doo trip of the year...

You know, it is REALLY depressing to say that the FIRST trip I took this year was on February 8th... It has been such a crazy year weather wise... But, at any rate, Friday night at ball games Bummer asked if I'd want to go along as he went out to set some traps. Obviously I said yes...

It was a GORGEOUS day. I didn't take many pictures, but I definitely had fun playing around in the snow... The snow was really dry so it didn't pack well. There was ice below the 2ish inches. So as I drove, I stuck my toe out to make an additional track, or I'd watch how the snow flew up off the skis... I also enjoyed sliding on the ice...

After Nathan set his 4th trap, he decided to play a little on the ice too... He took off on an intentional slide, hit a ledge and turned his ski doo over on the side. He was fine, the machine was fine. I helped him turn it back upright and off we went to catch up with Bummer. :)

All in all, it was a fantastic way to spend my Saturday afternoon. I was hoping for more pictures, but the phone shut down because it got cold... Here are a few!


Bummer and Nathan setting the 4th trap.

Praise God for the beauty of this place.

Girl's gotta have her guns! New 20 gauge on the left, trusty 22 on the right. :)

Praying for many more days of more snow, beautiful weather, and time to play. :)

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