Sunday, October 13, 2013

Boat ride, home games, pep rally

Its been another busy week! I am having a hard time believing we're 2 short weeks away from the end of first quarter. Yikes! Guess I better get caught up on grades and such, eh?

Last Sunday, after I finished my last blog, I got a phone call to go out on a boat ride. Well, who am I to turn down a fun afternoon chasing maqlaq? :) We chased a few and John caught one. It was awesome get some fresh air. We had fish over campfire and I went hunting with boys for birds and mice.

Makes me miss my cousins!

Mouse hunting.

Supper time!


Headed home.
The week was smooth, uneventful, and fun. The kids are I spent a lot of time talking about what pets need, how to treat them, etc. It was fun to discuss different kinds of pets and made me wonder about getting a class pet... I'll keep you posted.

On Tuesday a box of zucchini and banana muffins came, courtesy of Aunt Toni. The kids loved them!!!
Thanks Aunt Toni!

Thursday afternoon the Natural Helpers had a pep rally for the volleyball team since we hosted games this weekend. The team members had a contest to see who could eat a cool whip pie fastest and the winner would get to pie a teacher in the face. The high schoolers voted on which teacher and, much to my disappointment, I was 2nd place. (Culea said she was highly entertained reading the votes... "Sammy I joke Nathan" or "Nathan I joke Sammy" were common choices... The kids school wide seemed to really enjoy the pep rally.


Nathan... Waiting for his pie in the face.

Friday and Saturday we hosted volleyball games. Teams from Nunam Iqua and Scammon Bay. I spent a total of 13 extra hours at school reffing, coaching, or supervising. It was a great time. Proud of our team for coming out of the weekend 4-0. Good work, kiddos! Thanks to the community for the support. I am very proud of the teamwork I'm seeing with our group as well as the positive attitudes and encouragement. Keep it up, Braves!

Here's to another week of first grade! So excited to continue moving forward and learning and discovering!


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