Sunday, January 20, 2013

Return after Break...

Wowza! What a busy 2 1/2 weeks its been since returning to AUK. Its been so fun to be back in my village. The kids were excited to see the teachers return. I was so happy to see my sweet kiddos and my fabulous community. :)

I am not sure if I mentioned in a previous post, but I'm coaching 4-6th grade basketball this year... Practice started the first full week back to school... I had 33 kids the first few days--HOLY COW! But it was fun. Since then many haven't been able to practice because they haven't been able to get their physicals done. Its all co-ed up here... We travel the 1-2 of February to Kotlik to play against a few other schools. I am excited to see how they do against other kids their age. I think I am having a hard time remembering appropriate skill level for that age. Obviously I am teaching fundamentals--and holding my kids to high standards. But I really am excited to watch them against another team. :)

I am also SUPER excited because we've booked tickets for Mom, Granny Norma, Papa Bob, Aunt Candy, and Uncle Ron to come visit in March. :) I've been telling all my friends and staff that they're coming. I've been telling my kids and they're as excited as I am. Ha!

Oh yeah... I am taking a class from EOU online. :) This whole going back to school thing is fun, but I really kind of miss going to class on campus... Might just have to take a class or two on campus this summer. :) I sure do miss LG.

Finally, some of you were asking if there was anything I needed in Alaska... I've forgotten who has asked, and this is NOT a request for you to send me stuff... But if you asked and I said I'd email you things I wanted/needed here are a few things I've thought of... :) Peach tea Mio, crystal light peach iced tea, cheap toys for my prize box, magnets (even the boring ones, ha.) coffee,

I'll be trying my best to be better about updating... It seems as if I'm never finding any free moments to do fun stuff like blog, but I'll try harder!! It was fabulous to catch up with so much of my family and many friends over break... Summer is only 4 months away and I'm hoping to see even more of you then! :)

All my best. Big Alaskan hugs!

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