Friday, November 18, 2011

Life in AUK

Over the month of October I was able to have many new adventures in Alakanuk... After we got back from training in Hooper I spent a ton of time on the weekends in the classroom or at school in general. We had a cross country meet at Alakanuk. We had alot of fun hosting some other schools and showing off our village.

I also got an opportunity to go seal hunting with some natives. Bummer called Jana one morning and asked if he wanted to go. She was kind enough to call me and off we went. It was so much fun! We chased lots of seals and beluga whales, but we didn't catch anything.

 The river was starting to freeze up. Actually this may be out toward the Bering Sea coast more...
 Bummer and Jadon looking for seals.
 Jadon put one of the shells up on the ice when we stopped the boat. Funny kid.
 It was cool to see the ice crack and flex and break as we drove the boats through it.

I was able to leave Alakanuk in October for a weekend in Anchorage including a surprise visit to Sarah and Adam's wedding in Las Vegas. It was awesome to get to see everyone and be part of their special day. However, I realized that its sort of annoying to go back into town after being in the village for so long. Of course it was nice to get to do a little grocery shopping and have a beer with some friends, but I really rather enjoy the quiet and isolation of our quaint little village.

They've got their dancin shoes on!! 
Somewhere between Anchorage and St. Mary's.

While in Anchorage Jana and her dad and I needed to burn an hour before taking me to the airport... Naturally, we went to Alaska mining and diving company. Why you may ask!? Well, because I wanted a snow machine. So, I bought one!! haha. And actually, it has been in Anchorage since the middle of October because the river wasn't frozen for me to get it from Emo. However, I called wednesday morning to have it shipped out... It might be in Emo now, or hopefully by tomorrow so I can go get it!!! EEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 My new best friend.... :)
 Sunset in Seattle on the way to Vegas... Man I miss the trees of the Pac NW!
Sunset in PDX...

One morning last month Jana called because she heard the Northern Lights were out... So we went down to the slough to check it out. By the time we got there they were mostly gone, but it was still cool to see them a little bit... Its hard to get good pictures, so I don't have any to post for you. Sorry.

At the end of October we had Red Ribbon week. Here in AUK they don't have homecoming week for football, but they do their dress up days in conjunction with red ribbon week. We had fun dressing up... Sometimes my kids participated, other days not so much... We had a parade of the kids on Halloween and we had AWESOME Power Ranger costumes. It was quite the day.

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