Friday, November 18, 2011


Last week we recieved an email with a like to They were expecting a devastating storm. Many natives were concerned about it because they were expecting flooding and high winds. We ended up getting lucky and not having any flooding. We had wind gusts to 50-60 miles per hour, but nothing too major. The storm did push water all the way up, the slough was WAY higher than normal. No school was cancelled, nobody was hurt by the storm.

The night of the storm, Jana and I decided we wanted to go walk around and play in the snow... We went and got Michael to come play and we dove headfirst into snow drifts for about an hour. It was fun, not so scary at all.

I am glad the storm didn't cause the devastation and nobody was hurt, but I have to say I was disappointed that we didn't see more action...

 Jana's kitchen window...
 You can't really see the snow swirling... But it looked cool the way it was blowing and making snow devils in the courtyard.
This was right before we went to bed... Jana and I were hoping that the whole door would be drifted in when we got up in the morning, but sadly it wasn't any more drifted than that....

The temps are finally getting back down low enough to freeze the river. Over the last 3-4 days there have been many people make the trip between Alaknuk and Emmonak. Its still not totally as frozen as it will get, but its frozen enough to go from AUK to EMO.

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