Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Thanksgiving Break

Again, 3 weeks between blog posts.... SOOOO SORRY!!!!

I think my last blog was just before Thanksgiving?? So, our friend Jamie came to Alakanuk from Mountain Village to spend the weekend with us. She arrived on time, had a worry free flight and seemed to enjoy her time here. We spent the weekend hoping and praying for my ski doo and smoked turkey to come and spending 90% of our time laughing....

I was highly disappointed Wednesday afternoon when I checked the PO and the turkey hadn't come... But it all turned out okay because I still was able to make pumpkin pie, ham, sour cream potatoes, apple pie and rolls. We also had a new invention on our dinner table.... Since we didn't have any turkey drippings to make gravy, nor did we have any powdered gravy mix we decided to give it a shot making ham gravy. Jamie created a masterpiece.

I had new adventure the day after Thanksgiving. I attempted cross country skiing. I did fall once going down a little hill, but for the most part I did really well. I think it helps that I've water skied so much, and tried downhill skiing a few times in my younger years. :) We skied to the dock and shot Jana's .22. It was really cool to see the dock because I hadn't been down there since before the big storm. The ice looks awesome.

 Jana and Jamie trying to see the range on the .22... They were standing on whats left of Alakanuk Hill...
 Make shift porta potty....
 DIRRRRTY ice... It was really cool to see the ice that had been pushed up during the big storm. I was way impressed. It was a couple inches thick, too!

Our student council also hosted the Turkey Tournament. Its a regional tournament for the mens city league teams around AUK. I spent lots of hours at the school volunteering to do scorebooks, gate, and help in the student store. I had originally thought that Thanksgiving weekend would be a good time to catch up on sleep. However, I think I got LESS sleep over those 5 days than I do on a regular week. Oh well, it was fun!

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