Tuesday, December 6, 2011

SKI DOO!!!!!!!

So. I know most of you know how ECSTATIC I was to order my ski doo... And then the phone call to have it shipped... Many of you also know how frustrated I was that my machine still hadn't arrived after 2 weeks and I've told the story of my phone call to my salesman.

So, my ski doo actually came in the Saturday after Thanksgiving.... The dumb dumb in ANC didn't put my right phone number on there so when the guys in Emo tried to call, they couldn't get ahold of me. On Friday I talked to the shipping folks and asked if they has shipped it yet. They said it would be within the week.... However, Saturday I didn't feel the need to call because it sounded like my machine was one of 5 coming out and it would be closer to Wednesday or Thursday. On Monday I called and lo and behold it was in Emo!! I did a crazy dance all the way into Jana's classroom where she and her boys (who've been asking constantly if it was here yet) got really excited too. So Jana and I skipped our Monday night class online and went to Emo for a new toy.

 Another evening at the dock....
 My ride next to Jana's after we got back from Emo.... Cold fingers and face, but had OH SO MUCH FUN!!!
 EEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really wanted to scale the side of the connex to jump that baby right down to the ground... However, the guys at Everts were speedy quick and I had my machine in about 5 minutes. :)
 SOOOOOO EXCITED!!! :) :) :) It was like 15 or 20 below at this point, but we didn't care! :)

Little baby started with just .7 miles on it.... Funny because LaFonda started with only 7 when I took her for a test drive... Hope this machine is as trustworthy as she was!! :)

I haven't been out playing on it as much as I would've liked because, well, I have this thing called a real job. It sort of hinders my daylight hours of playing in the snow. But I've been around AUK a little on it, cruised to the dock a few times. I'm hoping for a longer day of riding this weekend. I'll post pictures next week if I go out!

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