Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas Break

So, it was a fantastic Christmas program... The kids did great, they enjoyed singing and dancing for their parents. They were just so darn cute in their little black hats and buttons and scarves...

We also wrapped up the semester with a recognition assembly for our kiddos who read this year. While my class didn't bring back the most books and bring back the most leaves, I am VERY proud of them and their reading at home.

 I didn't even have to ask them to put the clothes on for pictures!  They were soooo excited.
Hats from Granny Norma, books from Grandma Judy, shirts from teacher... Pencils and candy from my mom and sisters. :)
The kids were overjoyed with the presents sent by Grandma Judy, Granny Norma, and my mom and sisters. I made them t-shirts and they were simply ecstatic...

I had a safe, eventful, awesome trip back to Oregon for break... Santa came early as Dad and I went to the gun shop and picked out a pistol... Bang bang! Can't wait to get some more practice shooting it. :) Christmas was amazing... So much family and laughter. My grandparents made it up from Reno and my Uncle Clint made it up with his 3 boys from Weaverville. It was fun to get to spend a holiday with them... First one that I can remember. Of course, we also had awesome family from Dad's side here too. The house was packed and full of joy. :)

Now, the house is much quieter because everyone is gone except Hannah and I... I'm just relaxing and enjoying the last few days in Oregon before I make my trek back north to the snow and my SKI DOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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