Tuesday, May 22, 2012

April in AUK

So after my return from Hawaii I was fully refreshed and back in the full swing of teaching. My kids missed me, as evident in the letters left on my desk. I was reunited with my snow machine for many hours of fun filled riding. :)

It was a busy month between state testing for the older kids, planning for end of the year activities and trying to keep my kiddos engaged when all they wanted to do was sleep because of the LONG days.

It was definitely difficult to adjust to the long, bright nights. It was a common occurrence for me to hanging out with Jana, Sarah, Michael, or even special visitors like Sam, Josh and Brett until nearly midnight before realizing that I needed to go to bed. I can only imagine what its like in June on the longest day of the year...

I'm also working hard on my ski doo video and a video of the ridiculous adventures of Jana and I this year. I'll post those when they're done. In the meantime, here are a few pictures from April.

 We had one super warm day... So the three of us decided to take off for Emo--with no coats! :) Such a beautiful afternoon to play in the snow.

My hula girl didn't want to be left at home, so I took her along too! 

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