Monday, December 3, 2012

New School Tour

So over Labor Day weekend we were able to tour the new school... And I blogged about it... Just kidding--I didn't blog about it. Maybe I mentioned it on Facebook about how I was so excited for the exposed beams, the huge gym, and the woods/metals shop... At any rate, I ran into the guy in charge of the construction crew and mentioned that I'd like to see the progress they've made... He said no problem. So yesterday morning Holly, Nathan, Sarah, Culea, and I piled in the van and headed for the new school with Deana and Katie on their 4 wheelers behind us...

Even though it was Sunday, there were a few guys up on the roof finishing a section.

The front of the school... Those windows are in the main office-perhaps the principal's and assistant principal's offices?

Looking toward the main office, teacher's lounge, principal's and assistant principal's offices, and 2 time out rooms. So when you walk in the door this is to the left.

We put Sarah in time out... Time room--2 of them between Diane's and Cheryl's offices with a window connected to their office as well.

To the right of the entrance... I think he said this will be the library. 
The gym!!! SO EXCITED for a big gym.

One of the classrooms... Gonna be good sized. 

Walking down the hall of the elementary classrooms.

Upstairs. I'm sad to see that all but the last 5 feet of those beams will be covered. 

View from one of the classrooms upstairs. So pretty!

Looking down from the upstairs hallway.

So, closest to the far right of the picture is the library. Then between the two rows of metal is the computer room, and at the far left is the Yupik room.

Same here... Far left is the Yupik room, then computer room, then the library, and the far right is the entrance hallway.

Its looking pretty good!! :) So exciting to see the progress.

This is Katie and Louis's new Can Am 4 wheeler... I think it'll be my next big "you will never be out of debt" purchase. 

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