Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Veteran's Day through Thanksgiving break

Its been three weeks of cold, but clear weather. That doesn't make me happy because I want to go ride my machine...

We finished volleyball season with a 5th place finish at the regional volleyball tournament in St. Mary's.  Its nice to have my afternoons back to myself, but I sure do miss interacting with those kids. They really are a great group. Basketball starts soon, but I am not coaching this year. That also saddens me. I really enjoyed getting to know the girls and getting to travel with them. However, I know that their coach will do fabulous with them. :)

Thanksgiving week was tough. It was hard to see that everyone was headed to Mom and Dad's for the holiday and I wouldn't be able to make it. However, there are some cool pilot dudes in St. Mary's who invited me to join them for dinner. It was fun to go hang out with them, be away from school, and just relax a little. Jana and I went on Wednesday and came back Friday mid-morning. Friday afternoon Jamie came to visit. It was fun having her here and I spent the entire weekend being LAZY! I chuckled on Monday when my students and I were talking about what we did all weekend. They couldn't believe that I laid around watching TV all weekend... To be honest, I can't really believe it either... But it happened.

Tomorrow through Friday we're hosting the Native Youth Olympics for the 4-8th graders. I am excited to see the kids compete, they've been so excited about it all fall. I am also interested to see how it will all work out logistically... Our school isn't huge, so I'm interested to see how it goes when we add another 100 or so kids to the building. I'll let ya know! :)

I was just looking... I'm gonna be the broke girl for the next year or more until I finish my Master's degree... holy cow!! $1600-$2000 bucks a term because I'll be taking between 5 and 6 credits a term. Sheesh! Guess I better start saving now so I can afford it. But I'm excited to be taking classes again, and it will be nice to have my Master's finished too. ***UPDATE: I have no room to complain about cost of my Master's degree... A co-worker is currently in a Master's program and dropped $5000 this term alone for 5 credits... Thank you Eastern Oregon University for an affordable, yet still high-quality Master's degree program.***

I guess thats all. I thought I had more to update about... Have a fabulous weekend and I'll post again after NYO is over.


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