Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Continuing Education

So... I've been doing a lot of thinking lately about a Master's program... I've already got some graduate credits through Eastern Oregon University. I've been doing some research on different colleges and programs... I have gotten some good input from some important people in my life. (Thanks Karyn and Sam and everyone else who has contributed to my Master's degree dilemma.)

Last year, well like 20 months ago now, I started taking some classes from EOU toward a Master's degree. At that point it was mostly because I wanted something to do in addition to my substitute teaching for 6 months. And now I'm in my second year of teaching in Bush Alaska (which I LOVE, don't read into this wrong) and I don't have much of a social life to take me away from homework and being focused. Okay.... I do have my snow machine, but I definitely feel like now is a good time to be working toward a Master's degree.

So, after much debate, research and contemplation I've decided to finish out my Master's at Eastern... I'll be doing the Curriculum and Instruction focus area because I've already got my Reading and ESOL endorsements... This won't lead to another endorsement on my license, but if I ever wanted to get into a district office position, it could lead into that, potentially.

I am hoping to get this finished over the next 16 months... So at the end of my third year of teaching I'd also have my Master's degree. Maybe even sooner if I can stay focused and love college as much this time around as I did the first time. :)

Mount up for Eastern Oregon!

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