Sunday, November 4, 2012

Volleyball updates...

The past few weeks have been SUPER busy... We hosted volleyball games 3 weeks ago. The kids did awesome, played hard and enjoyed hanging out with their friends and family from the visiting schools of Pilot Station and Scammon Bay.

The following weekend we traveled to Emmonak to make up for the weekend of games that got cancelled because of high winds and not being able to fly. We had another successful weekend losing only to Emo. The kids are improving with each game we play. Its so fun to watch as a coach that they're actually listening to what we've been saying and actually doing what we've been practicing...

This weekend we traveled to Kotlik for our third weekend of games. We played Mountain, Nunam, and Kotlik. I am pleased that our kids did so well. We lost only to Mountain Village and I know that if we are to rematch at the regional tournament, our team is capable of overcoming Mountain.

Here are a few pictures from the games yesterday... I'm not very good at photographing our playing, I'm more into the coaching aspect of the game. Ha!

Her serving is SOOOO much improved. She is working hard and doing well her Freshman year.

Most of us are remembering to be down and ready. 

Time out! 

His serving has also vastly improved this season. Too bad he's a senior and won't be playing with us next year.


  1. Hey Sammy Jo,
    So I have coached middle school volleyball in SC for 5 years... it was a lot of fun!! From your pictures, I'm wondering if you have co-ed teams or both boys and girls teams? I've not had a chance to read everything yet - so if you have already explained this in another blog... my apologies!!
    My dream is to make it to Alaska someday... and I would love to spend a year there teaching. I don't know if it will ever happen... but I can dream about it!

    1. Hello Lou! Welcome to my crazy blog about the fabulous adventures in AK. :) We do play co-ed, here we call it Mix-6 volleyball. I've never actually asked WHY, but I attribute it to our size (~60 high schoolers) and the fact that we don't have weather that would allow a football season. I could be totally off base. I hope you do make it some day to Alaska! Its a beautiful state full of fabulous, welcoming people. I must warn you, though. You won't spend just a year teaching. I came for a year to gain the experience and learn about a new culture and now I am on my third year with no end in sight. You'll fall in love and never be able to leave. Thanks for stopping by my blog!