Sunday, November 11, 2012

Craziness of my life. Catch up day!

We finally got some snow at the end of this week. The weather report was saying we'd have snow all Thursday night and freezing rain as well, so I was super excited when I woke up for work on Friday... Opened my front door and.... NO SNOW! Well that just put me in a grouchy mood for the whole day. By lunch a few people had let me know that it had started snowing, and I felt all was right with the world again. :) I didn't take many pictures, but you can check out Jana's blog at But good news is we've got white on the ground, now I'm just doing my snow dance every day in order to get enough so I can get my machine out and go play! :)

Last night we were going to have some female staff members over for a girls night... Zoey and Culea had shown up and they were watching something with Sarah while I was in my room on facebook. Next thing I know, Sarah is saying, "Um, Sammy. The light just went out." So I go out to check it out... and notice smoke coming from the light bulb in the hood above the oven... I immediately turn off the light and the smoke stops, then flipped it back on and it started smoking again. So I unplugged it, found my Leatherman and began to take apart the hood so I could see where the fire was. Turns out, no fire. No melted wires, no apparent heating of anything... So, I called Diane filled her in and she called her husband (he is the director of maintenance for our district.) He called me to see what was going on... After 10 minutes of flipping breakers we finally figured out which breaker it was that was affected. (It hadn't originally tripped, so it wasn't apparent.) Once we had it narrowed down to that breaker it was time to figure out if it was the heat tape, circ. pump, or fridge tripping the breaker... After a few more minutes of trial and error we figured out it was the pump. By this time, Clark had shown up to help so I got off the phone with Bob and was asking Clark. We couldn't really come up with any way to fix it, so our maintenance guy, Max, is headed here now to fix it. That meant that we didn't have the pump last night, so no toilet flushing, showering or running water in general... And our house didn't burn down last night, so I'm still not sure what the smoking light bulb was all about, but maybe we'll get that fixed today too. :)

Volleyball season is coming to an end... This weekend we didn't travel. It was nice to have the whole weekend at home to relax. We leave Thursday morning for St. Mary's for the regional tournament. We'll play thursday and friday all day then the championship game will be Saturday morning. We've got a good chance to play quite a few games, the kids are doing really well this year. I'll keep you posted on that. :)

Its been a crazy week in the classroom. I've had kids out all week with strep throat or other illnesses. Its been just as busy as ever though. We've been preparing for Thanksgiving with a fun Naked Turkey project. We get to talk with a class in Kansas on Tuesday to share our turkeys with them. I am excited for that. :)

This morning as I was waiting for Max to come, I decided to clean my room a bit... I came across my knitting bag. Holy moly I need to get going on dish clothes. Then I decided that I'm tired of doing just the same old dishcloth pattern, but I don't know how to purl so all the other cute patterns are off limits. So, I googled "teach yourself to purl" and got a good website that lays it out pretty clearly step by step. I haven't actually started anything to practice purling, but I plan to tonight. :) Hopefully its as easy as it said... If it is, then I found a cute pattern for a knitted ear warmer/headband thing that I'm going to try. :)

This morning I woke up to a missed call from dad at 530 AM. Those of you who know my father know that this is nothing out of the ordinary in my life. :) However, the entire message was in regards to whether I've been doing my research on pilot's license related business... Guess thats what I'll spend my afternoon doing as soon as I finish my lesson plans. Thanks for the reminder, Daddy-o!

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