Saturday, September 22, 2012

Catchin up in Sept.

Its been a busy month in Alakanuk. School is off and rolling. The kids are starting to  remember the routines and expectations I've taught them. I'm getting more and more organized which also helps I think. Fewer distractions to mess up our days. I really love that I have another teacher in my classroom for 45 minutes in the morning for reading rotations. Its helping me to be more cognizant of what my kids need and what they are capable of. It also keeps me on track, no more lazy mornings for us! :) 

I've been able to go out moose hunting with my friend Bummer about 4 or 5 times now. I LOVE IT!!! I have seen quite a few moose, but haven't yet taken a shot at one. Most of the cows we've seen have had calves with them, so you can't shoot them. I haven't actually seen any bulls on any of my moose trips, but others have told me that they've seen bulls. Clark went out all day yesterday and got home last night with a bull. He said that they saw over 30 moose, only 2 of which were bulls. I am hoping to make it out Monday after work and hopefully get something. I think Bummer is headed into Anchorage soon so I gotta get as much moose hunting in as I can. Speaking of, I probably should be going out today but....

Jana has made friends with some of the Era pilots stationed in St. Mary's (KSM). She has gone on a few different weekends to hang out with them, talk pilot shop talk rather than teacher shop talk, etc. A few weeks ago she mentioned the possibility of a roasted pig dinner and said she wanted me to come along. I was stoked, I love meeting new people and clearly I love to eat. :) Ha! So, we've been talking about it and she said at the beginning of this week that it'd be this weekend and they'd come pick us up then bring us back on Sunday after the BBQ. I knew it'd be a busy week to get through but I was looking forward to the weekend. Well, between volleyball practice starting, the district technology guys coming for a few days and my daily lesson planning I wasn't ready to go to KSM last night when they came to pick up Jana Mae. I told her that I'd try a different weekend that I just needed to rest up and get organized for next week. I was disappointed, but was taking the responsible route for myself. 

However, I soon realized that it was going to be a long boring weekend of being lazy in AUK. So last night I text Jana again and said, well if it's still an option maybe I would like to come... Plans were in the works and I got a text this morning from saying they'd be here around 10:45 or 11 for me. I showered, threw a few things in my bag and headed out for the airport. Now, the old airport was a short 5 minute or less walk from my house. If the plane called and said they'd be there in 10 minutes you still had five minutes to grab your bag and make it in time. On Monday, September 17 they opened our new airport. Its probably close to 3 or 4 mile walk from my house. So I called a friend who owns a Honda to see if I could use his taxi service. He didn't answer and I thought, "oh heck I might as well start walking. Maybe if I'm lucky someone will pick me up." 38 minutes later I arrived at the new airport. I mean, thank you pack test for training me in setting pace and keeping it. Ha! When I got to the airport I found two cute little dogs chilling out.
Cute puppies that were hanging out at the airport.

 So here I sit at the airport waiting for the plane to make it here. He called as I was sitting down and said he was leaving Kotlik, had to stop in Emo then he would be here. Should be in the next few minutes. I am super excited to meet and BS with some pilots. I've been wanting to get a pilots license since Papa had his little Maule tail dragger and even more so now that I am able to fly all the time in 207s and caravans. Maybe these guys will have some words of advice for me. 
Reppin the EOU gear at the NEW AIRPORT!!!!

Other big events from the past week or two...  I started the Insanity workout a week ago today. I am happy to say that I haven't skipped a day of that either. Those of you who I have recruited at different times to work out with me know that I usually am good for 3 or 4 days then I get lazy. Well, not this time my friends! I am gonna get through all 8 weeks and when I do now only will I be stronger, fitter and in better shape, I will also know that I can stick with something for longer than a week. (I thought about inserting my before pictures, but NOBODY wants to see me in a bathing suit right now... So when I'm done in 7 weeks I'll post the after picture.)

Volleyball practice has been fun. Its a good start to the year. We've had between 6 and 12 kids a night at practice. Some of the kids are picking up on the skills really quickly which is encouraging as a coach. (I'm actually just the assistant coach, but it still is good to see!)

Oh, I hear the plane coming in.  I better shut down and get ready for a weekend of laughing, BSing, and taking a small break from life. 


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