Saturday, September 8, 2012

Second year... Serious challenges

We've been in school for 11 days. Eleven days doesn't seem very long, but when you are a teacher struggling to manage 5 kids who have little idea what school is like eleven days seem much much longer!

This year has been one to truly test my patience, my management and my love for teaching and kids in general. I have ten boys and five girls. The girls aren't angels, but definitely easy enough to manage. Five of my boys are testing my patience every day. Three of those five missed nearly half of kindergarten last year so they have little experience of what is acceptable behavior at school.

So after a long weekend of cleaning fish, moose hunting and basically not enough sleeping, I started the longest week of my life. I have no problems in the morning with behavior. I am convinced that the kids are served straight sugar water because the behavior in the afternoons is so much worse in the afternoons. Thursday was THE WORST DAY OF MY TEACHING CAREER!!! Holy moly. Kids were not listening, parents were being sassy, I was exhausted, and when I asked for some help I was told that "Things will get better." My poor sister Ashley had to listen to me complain and cry about it.

I've been doing lots of thinking about how I can make it easier this weekend... And rather than spending time in my classroom actually finishing my plans for the week I made a deal with another friend.

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