Friday, August 19, 2011

End of inservice... Almost put together!

So much for daily blogging, huh?? Ha! Maybe once I get some lesson plans done and my classroom finished I'll have more time. :)

I had the last two full days in my classroom. I've had some wonderful help from our aides. They're the sweetest ladies and they are so helpful. I'll post pictures of my room when I remember to bring my camera to school.

Our house is mostly put together. I'm still waiting on one tote from Anchorage, should be here anytime. Sarah's and Michael's both came in already this week, so mine should be coming soon... My sewing machine and tote arrived from Paisley in good shape, thanks Mom!! :) You're the best. Now I've got to measure windows and get fabric ordered for curtains. Then to get started on some quilts. :) Haha.

This weekend is going to be busy... I've got a ton of lesson planning to do... I could use another whole week in my classroom before kids come, but we are running out of time, my friends. I feel like I need to do some cleaning of the floors in my room too.... The linoleum by the sink is gross...

Yesterday was like a heat wave in AUK. (Thats the airport code for Alakanuk, and its easier to type....) It was HOT! I was soaking in the sun, it was wonderful. Too bad we had to be in our classrooms most of the day... Isn't that how it always works?

Last night about 930 we walked to "the dock." Its down on the Yukon, I think... It was really pretty. There were some teens there than were laughing at the new teachers. Ha. I got some gorgeous pictures that I uploaded to facebook from my phone... I'll try to post them to this blog too so everyone can see. :) I need to get in the habit of having my camera in my pocket. :)

I better go get some stuff done in this messy classroom. We've got training today and then I've got a full evening of classroom and lesson planning. Might need an IV of coffee by tonight. :) I hope everyone is doing well!! Feel free to add me on skype or find me on facebook or email me. I miss you all and am looking forward to catching up over Christmas break! :)


P.S. I'm thinking of buying a snowmachine.... Or maybe an ATV... Or MAYBE both?!?! :)

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