Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Inservice Week in Alakanuk

So... My classroom is starting to come together. I've been going crazy trying to decide where to put stuff and how to organize things. I know I'm forgetting all sorts of stuff, but thats okay. We'll work with it! :) I'll post pictures of my room tomorrow when it is all done and ready for the kiddos to come. :)

I have had some wonderful ladies helping me in the classroom. The aides here are natives and are very sweet ladies. I think they will be a great resource this year. The rest of the staff that is returning has been very helpful as well. They're constantly checking up on me to see if I need anything or need help looking for something. I am excited for the children to come on Monday. I just hope I will be ready! :)

We were supposed to go to an Eskimo dance tonight, but it got cancelled because many natives are still out fishing and such. So, we're going to maybe wander around and check stuff out... But I still haven't ordered my bogs or rain boots, so I don't know if I'll brave the mud in my tennis shoes... We might play some basketball and relax instead. :)

For those of you wondering about the roommate.... We get along great. We've both got first grade and she has some second graders as well. I think it'll be a good opportunity to do some kid swapping in certain areas. Our personalities are similar, but different enough that we seem to mesh well together so far.

Like I posted on facebook, I am in need of pictures from home in picture frames. So if anyone is DYING to send me some care package, that would be my request. :) I miss you all very much and will try to post every few days so you can keep track of me.


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