Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Another day, another chance.

There must have been something in the air yesterday. My kids were crazy! We seems to struggle with being respectful listeners... I guess we've got more work to do than I thought... Ahh! I don't really know what to do with them... Yesterday afternoon we were starting a social studies lesson and I had one student reading aloud to the class... Nobody was paying attention--they were all talking to their neighbor. So we stopped and talked about how we should be acting when someone is reading. Tried again--SAME thing happened.... I was so frustrated. I'm more than open to some help and ideas on this one.

I think I'm just going to put a bed in my classroom. Haha. I spend a good share of time here and its about to be more.... Lets look at my after school schedule for this week.... Monday-Online Alaska history/culture class 1630-1830... Tuesday-Volleyball organizational meeting... Wednesday-early releast at 1430, PLC 1430-1530, Sarah's birthday dinner at our house.... Thursday-After School Detention 1530-1600... Friday- Nothing yet! :) That doesn't even take into account my lesson planning or grading... So I think a blow up bed behind my desk is a great idea, wouldn't you agree? Haha.

I'm not complaining, I knew I'd be putting in long hours... And actually it makes the week go faster when I have milestones to look at each day. Happy Tuesday! Here's to a better day than yesterday.

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