Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Orientation in ANC

Hey all!
I am chilling.... No really... Its like 50 right now... in Anchorage for a few more days. We've had two long days of meetings and I've gotten to meet quite a few cool people. The roomie is cool. I think we'll get along just fine. We had dinner tonight at the Anchorage Museum... There was really cool stuff there. I'll post pictures after I get them on my computer. :)

I've got a new number, but my OR one still works until probably sunday.... Text me if you want my new number, but if you're Verizon you'll likely get a text back that says its a landline.... They're working on it. Hopefully they'll fix it soon. Ha.

Tomorrow is the big shopping day... I ordered a bunch of food online (You'll be sooo proud Ginny!) But we'll get some fresh fruit and veggies and some meat tomorrow to take with us on the plane.

I'm pretty stinkin excited that my district uses Saxon Math... We had a short training on it this morning, and its awesome. :) I didn't get to check out the reading as much, but its Rigby something. Hah, and step up to writing. You teachers out there probably know what I'm talking about. :)

I'm off to enjoy the remaining evening.... Its so strange that its still light here well after midnight. Its comparable to like 7 o'clock dusk... Its hard to get used to a sleeping pattern.

I miss you all, and I'll be talking to you soon. Night!

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  1. OH Sammy Jo!
    Please post to your blog! We are so excited to follow you in your adventures!! I know you are busy and a bit tired.........but please, pretty please won't you update your blog...8-} love, your mother!!!!