Thursday, September 1, 2011

Been gone almost a month

So.... Its been ALMOST  a month since I left Paisley... I am completely exhausted this week.... Been at school by 6 every morning and go home so tired every evening... I need to figure out a routine and stick to it... Gotta start working out some... Can we add like 2 hours to the day so I can get more than 5 hours of sleep!?!? AHH!!!!

I am excited for the long weekend.... But I'm also sad... Its the first Round Up I've ever missed... So you all need to eat some fair food and think of me. :) Haha. And think of me while you're in the Re-Ride room. And having a beer Monday at 1 watching the Grand Entry... UGH!!! I am so sad to be missing it...

Its been a long week, but we started reading groups and I think thats going better. It makes the afternoon go faster... We only have a half day tomorrow--district wide PLC from 1230 to 330... I better go get some stuff done, just wanted everyone to know that I'm missing them... I miss the beauty of Lake County sunrises and sunsets. I miss the smell of Summer Lake--yes, I did just say that... Its funny the things you take for granted until they're no longer there at your disposal.

Talk again soon! Be safe this weekend, have fun.

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  1. Good times in the "Pudders" :) You're right about missing certain smells from the great Pac NW, I can't say much here in Alakanuk has an amazingly wonderful smell! (And especially not lately with the garbage smell overbearing us at school..)