Monday, September 5, 2011

Starting week 3 already!?!?

How is it that I've been in AUK for 3 full weeks already?!? We're starting week 3 of school, but I've been in my village for going on 4 weeks... CRAZY!!!

This weekend was much needed.... Thursday after school Michael and I went to watch some basketball at the school. It was a fundraiser tournament for a young boy who has liver cancer. He's currently in PDX at the hospital getting medical care. It was fun to watch some of my students' fathers playing. We witnessed an ALMOST fight... There was some good ball played--pretty scrappy... Reminded me of the good old days of Sisters tournaments with the Lakeview kids!! :)

We released the kids at 1230 on Friday and had some districtwide PLC until 1530... It was a long afternoon, and I didn't get much done after work on Friday. We went to the tournament again and watched some more ball... I got to be at a reasonable hour and was able to sleep in Saturday morning.

We seemed to have started two Saturday traditions for our little family... The first is pancakes for breakfast made by my dear husband, Michael... The second is making a batch of Grandma Robison's white bread... MMMMM, and of course eating one loaf while its still warm... I'd love to just squeeze Grandma Robison everytime I make the bread. :)

The rest of the weekend consisted of card games, board games, sleep, reading The Help, and playing some basketball.

I have to say that I am really glad Michael enjoys basketball as much as I do... I'm all about just shooting around, but we've played some 21 where its basically a free for all and you are defended... Anyway, it was fun. A little bit of exercise and we all know how much I love to play basketball. :)

Yesterday and today I've spent some time in the classroom getting stuff ready for the week. I really wish we had 3 day weekends every week.... :(

I don't have much to report about my classroom.... The kids are doing fine, its an adjustment period for all of us. We're working on it. Oh, I do have an elder from the village who is now with us every morning until lunch. She's a wonderful little lady and she is great helping the kids with their writing or keeping them on task.

This week I'm jumping into the reading curriculum, wish me luck!!! :s

I'm going to do a video tour from my classroom to my house. I'll post it tonight or tomorrow for you all to see... :)

OH MAN!! I can't believe I haven't already posted the pictures of us playing in the mud...... Hahhahaha. Last Tuesday we had dinner at Jana's house... Then I was really wanting to jump in some mud puddles.... Well, that turned into an hour or more of mud war. Here are a bunch of pictures from that. I'll try to get more pictures of the village and stuff up this week.

 This is how it started.... The crip and Sarah in the baby puddle... I quickly got tired of that though, so.....
I moved on to bigger and better things.... This puddle is where we spent the next hour or so playing....
 See what I have to live with?!? Yeah, care packages are welcome. :)

 I was totally going to tackle her.... Then I realized that the puddle was really shallow and there could be sharp rocks....

 Happy birthday, Sarah! Haha.

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