Saturday, September 10, 2011

A weekend of peace and quiet.

Rainy season is upon us.... With rain comes LOTS of mud puddles. :) Haha. However, since I'm still coughing from what I am fairly certain was bronchitis, maybe I should avoid the puddles today... Or maybe I'll say to hell with it and go have fun anyway. :)

Last night I got a call from Becca at like 10 to come get some salmon... The fish and wildlife guy brought a bunch because they're doing testing or something... Anyway, I've never cleaned a salmon before and even though I don't really like it, its free and I'm up to try new things... So Clark was very kind to show me how to filet it and stuff... It was great fun. I really enjoy visiting with Clark and Becca and making faces at baby Emma.

I don't really have much new to report... My roommate is in Anchorage for the weekend--training for an afterschool program that we'll be job sharing. Zoey was in Mtn. Village for training. Michael and Jana are in Marshall for cross country... So I'm just chillin without my "family." We're gonna have a sleepover and a lazy night of movies and relaxing when they get home...

Becca took a few pictures of me cleaning fish last night... I'll post them when I get them from her... Until then, I don't have any other to post... I'll work on the video tour today maybe. I'm headed home to knit some dishcloths and watch some Grey's Anatomy on DVD. Lesson planning tomorrow, so I gotta enjoy the relaxation today. :)

I hope everyone is enjoying the sun and warmth this weekend.... I'm looking out my window at sideways rain... Yay. Ha!

Time to go home and make some bread--pancakes for dinner so we don't break Saturday tradition on the third week in... :) If anyone wants to skype--please add me! :) I had great chats with some good friends this morning, and would love to talk to more of you!!!

XOXO Have a fantastic weekend!

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