Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Two new experiences this week...

Hahaha!!! So.... A few weeks ago the teachers here put together a bush order... I didn't really need much, but thought I'd get some Diet Pepsi and Diet Coke so the shipping would be cheaper.... Well, what I THOUGHT I was ordering was 1 pack of 36 cans.... What they sent was 36 packs of 36 cans.... I'll take a picture of the stack later... Moral of that story?? Be so unbelievably clear on bush orders.

Next new experience.... I've been sick for like almost a month so I decided to go to the little clinic here to make sure it wasn't turning into pneumonia or something... I walk in and the health aide asked what I was dying from today... I said bronchitis and this is why.... So he checked my vitals, listened to my lungs then got out this rather large book.... Its what I like to call the "choose your own illness" book. He said, "Oh its page 263 for you" then started asking me questions of what symptoms I had.... I kept thinking I could've totally come in here complaining of heart attack symptoms and he'd have diagnosed me with that.... But I didn't. He gave me an inhaler for my bronchitis.... Hopefully I'll get better soon. However, I did cough until I threw up twice last night... not fun.

Back to work I go--lots to do before my munchkins come in an hour! Have a fantastic day everyone.


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  1. ohhhhhh please take a pic of the pile of soda! :) If you don't get better soon, can you go into anc? any snow yet?