Monday, September 19, 2011

What a week....

Holy cow its been a while since I posted last.... Lots has happened in the last week and a half.... Last weekend I learned how to filet a salmon... Clark was kind enough to show me how to cut it up and I really enjoyed it. Last weekend was a quiet one... Sarah was in training in Anchorage and Michael and Jana were at Marshall for Cross Country... So, I spent most of the weekend enjoying me time...

The week went SUPER fast... It was thursday before I even knew the week had started. The kids are getting better with behavior, but I find things everyday that I need to take ten steps back on.... This week our focus is on modeled writing... I didn't realize how badly they need to see a writer write in order for them to be able to pick up on it a bit...

This weekend wasn't much of a break. Ha! We had the cross country meet here in Alakanuk and kids showed up Friday before school was even out... So, I spent lots of time at school this weekend helping out and hanging out with kids. It was fun. I danced like a crazy woman friday night--I know, big shocker, right?! Haha. The kids did fantastic at the meet, we have one girl and two boys going to the regional meet this weekend.

Saturday my friend Clark shot--or as they say here, caught-- a moose... So we spent part of yesterday afternoon cutting up the moose... I loved it. Everyone kept asking if I cut up deer and other game before because I just jumped right in... Nope! But I'm no stranger to giving it a shot. :) I really had fun cutting up the moose... I can't wait til Paul gets his moose so I can do it again! :)

Now, its almost time for kids to come--well in like an hour, but I better finish my lesson plans and get my day started... I'll upload some pictures of the salmon filleting and the moose butchering later this week.

Oh! I am also looking at snowmobiles.... And I think I need a pistol to carry with me on the snow go... Just gotta call dad about that. :) Have a fantastic week everyone! :)


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