Sunday, September 25, 2011

Beautiful Sunny Sunday!

So this week is a short week!! WOOOO!!!!! :) Today I slept in, well until 730 when Dad called me.... But I went back to sleep a little... Then I enjoyed a morning of coffee and watching Animal House. Miss my dad!!

Sarah and I walked down to the dock because it was such a beautiful day. The tide was out so it was WAYYYYYY low.... We took a bunch of pictures. I'll post them below. Then I came to school and have been here for about 5 hours... Trying to get ready for a SHORT WEEK!! I have my lesson plans done... Maybe I won't have to come to work until 7 tomorrow morning! Haha.

I took 2 videos today... One of me walking in the river.... Its kinda dumb, but entertaining for sure. Ha! The other is a tour of my house and where I walk to school... I'll post them if I can get them to send to my computer.
 Sunset the other night... The sky was a beautiful blue and the clouds created a distinct contrast.
 Sunset on the other side of my house on a different night... Totally leaned out the kitchen window to take this picture! Ha.
 Beautiful clouds.... The river was way low.... Tide was out.

 Reminded me of clam digging with Uncle Goonie!

 Yukon River pedicure! haha.
 Beautiful afternoon.
 Roommate bonding time in the rocks and driftwood.
 "Thinking about our awesomeness." --Sarah Rhoads
 So artistic... Ha!
Walking back toward home from the river.

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