Saturday, April 6, 2013

Cinderella comes for some Spring Cleaning

So... I cleaned my house today. Its been quite the busy term... Basically since Christmas break its been tough for me to find the time to do more than simply wipe things down... Today, I was fed up with the disgustingness of my house, so I set a goal to get it done in 4 hours, and I'm pleased to say my house is clean! :)

I mean, I still have laundry to do, and my floor to vacuum, and I would LIKE to shampoo my carpets (the school has a carpet cleaner, but I don't know where it is/if its working), but aside from that... Clutter is put away or thrown away. Dishes done. Kitchen bleached, floors included. Bathroom scrubbed. Living room cleaned up, floors vacuumed, window sill scrubbed. Windows washed, laundry room/pantry/entry way all swept and mopped... Sheets are in the dryer, soon there will be freshly made beds. :) Oven is self-cleaning, should be done soon.

While cleaning my room today I realized a few things:

I STILL haven't mailed my Christmas cards... Ha, I'll get that done this week...

I have more toy cars in my bedroom that we EVER had growing up... I guess they started adding up faster than I'd thought--they get taken away when they're played with in my class...

I have enough underwear and socks to make it through more than 3 weeks of not having time to do laundry... Thats pretty good. (That also apparently  means I have enough shirts and jeans to get through 3 weeks too, although I wear my jeans 2 or 3 days before washing. :))

And most important thing I realized today... Cleaning is MUCH easier to do when you've got windows open (even if its 20 out and you have to put a sweatshirt on to clean), sun shining through, and prime country playing on the TV. :)

Happy weekend folks! :)

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