Saturday, April 6, 2013

The letter S...

Have you ever noticed, that all the greatest things in life begin with the letter S?

Think about it... Sammy-wait, I didn't MEAN to start the list with that, but since its there... ;) Okay, so seriously... Ski doo, Stihl chainsaws, steak, salad, sassiness, sports, silliness, school, SUNSHINE, sunrises and sunsets....

Its been a great week in the life of Sammy. We had SBA's (not one of the greatest things in life, just a coincidence that it begins with S...) I lost a lot of sleep (which IS a fabulous thing when you have it...)

Wednesday we had a visit from some super awesome friends Sam and Josh. (Notice the letter S in both their names, coincidence? I think not, they're pretty great guys.) They were here for some techy stuff at the new school and their tech guy from Anchorage brought out some steak and salad and potatoes... After work, I borrowed Jim's stihl chainsaw to go get some firewood to build a fire in order to cook dinner... It was a fun adventure with Jana and Josh getting some wood for the fire. Reminded me of all those fun days of cutting firewood in the dead trees on the Fremont National Forest... Missing my job of fighting fire... Anyway, I took the oven rack out of my oven, we built a fire, grilled up our steaks and some of the potatoes, had some salad and lots of laughter. Its always a special treat to get to hang out with friends from other villages. :) Sad that its our last time together as a big group since a few of the folks pictured below are leaving my district. But thats okay, they're off to do great things on their new adventures and some of us are sticking around to continue being a positive influence around LYSD.

Here are a few pictures from the week. Thanks Sam, Josh, Jeremy, Essie, and Brittnay for visiting and brightening the middle of the week. :) Thanks Sarah and Jana for living in AUK with me and brightening my weeks all the time, lol.

Beautiful sunshine afternoons all week... Got some good runs in. :)

Leaving AUK for EMO... Warm out, no coats needed!
So warm out, had to strip off the sweatshirts! Haha. Only for a picture--I didn't ride into town like that...

Had a helicopter show up... They were moving stuff from
our old Army Guard building back to Bethel.

Taking our firewood home to cook supper.

Ski doo and sawdust... Perfect combination.

Jana picked up a diaper when we drove through the dump... Ha!

The awesome dinner party.... :)

Bringing a little Lake County redneck to Bush Alaska. :)

I love how the heat created those lines in the
snow pit Sam, Josh, and (a tiny bit) I dug. 

LOVE the spring time sunsets... Its about 9:30 at this point...

Such a fun group of friends... Sad that some are leaving,
but happy to have their friendship.

LOVE looking at the sunsets through my polarized glasses...

Its probably around 9:45 at this point... Sun was setting to the left of me... 

Sunrise Friday morning going to school...

Been working out every day this week!! Proud of me!

The last one here is the video of the blackhawk (at least thats what I THINK it was) taking off... Thrown in is a bit of snowball fighting action with one of my kiddos. :) It was so cool to see the excitement on the faces of the kids and adults alike. I was excited!!---- KIDDING!!! I just looked again and it a video of Sam and Josh digging our fire pit... Oopsie. I'll try to post the video of the helicopter this evening! :)

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