Sunday, April 14, 2013

Classroom clean-out!

Holy crap. That is all I can say to explain the amount of work I have ahead of me in the next 5 weeks in going through my cabinets/packing materials/deciding what is worth keeping and what is junk... I've spent the past 3 hours doing just that and I think I've created a bigger mess than making any forward progress.

I have filled an entire big garbage can with empty paint and glue bottles (no, they haven't been used since I came here)... It makes me really mad at myself that I haven't taken time over the past year and a half to clean some stuff up... Seriously, I have spent probably 10 hours already going through stuff in preparation for moving to the new school, and I've got another 40 or more ahead of me.

Why are teachers such packrats?! Seriously!!! I already mentioned on facebook about the ditto papers I found in my file cabinets... Thats 30 years ago, folks, that those were made! Sheesh! And in the cabinets today I found stuff that was mailed to the teacher who was here in 2001... I was an 8th grader then; why has nobody thrown stuff away since then? Oh, right. Because they didn't HAVE to... And yes, you're right. If I didn't HAVE to, I wouldn't be spending my sunny Sunday afternoon doing this either...

Sure makes me wish I had my niece and other little friends up here for some cheap (ice cream cones) labor... There are lots of things I need done like sorting crayons and markers into different containers, putting leveled readers back in the right spot, testing expo markers to see if they work or need to be thrown away.... Ashley, Cody and Marni, Danny and Susan--feel free to put your kids on a plane! I'll meet them in Anchorage. :)

Maybe my next blog post will have some before and after shots of stuff getting packed and organized... Maybe. :)

On another note... Only 5 school weeks left!! Holy moly. This year has gone sooooooooo fast. I honestly hope my kids have made progress this year, but I know we haven't made as much as I'd have liked... Is that a complaint of teachers everywhere, or just me?

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