Thursday, April 18, 2013

Loving the Long Days

So, we've been seriously blessed with some beautiful weather to accompany our longer days. I've taken advantage of the sunshine for the past 3 weeks by getting out and trying to earn new freckles... Sometimes that's been by going for a run, sometimes for a ride, or sometimes to sit on the steps in the sunshine and read for my spelling class. At any rate, I'm happy for the 20-30s temps, the sunshine, and the long days.

The most exciting of all the things that happened this week was that I FINALLY was able to double my mileage from the beginning of this year... Last riding season I ended with 897.5 miles on my new ski doo... Yesterday, I rolled over to 1795 miles... Then I hit another milestone--1800. :) Thats the first video and picture.

Yesterday afternoon we took off for Emmonak to get a few groceries... Mostly I wanted to go for the sun on my face. :) On the way back, I stopped because I hadn't noticed for a year an a half but there is a cool old wooden boat toward the end of our slough. I saw it last weekend, maybe, but didn't take the time to check it out. We got back to AUK from EMO around 530 or 6 last night, so I figured I had plenty of time to go check it out... Jana, Culea, and Nathaniel all joined me in the exploration. Here are a few fun pictures and a video of Nathaniel jumping off one of the logs sticking out of the bank.

Rackin' 'em up!

 What a fabulously ridiculous coworker. Ha! Nathaniel jumping off the log.

Even in Bush Alaska, they know to go with Caterpillar. 

My shadow... ALWAYS following me everywhere... Ha.

Some random stuff by the boiler.
An old boiler.

I'm not sure what this is, I didn't wander that direction... Best guess is another boat??

The rudder. Is that what they're called??

"What is that?"-Culea
"Its a caterpillar."-Sammy
"What?! Where?"-Jana
"Not a bug kind, Jana, the diesel kind."-Sammy
"Oh, I was gonna be real surprised if you saw a bug..."-Jana
(She was inside the boat checking it out, she didn't actually see this yet, I don't think.)

I was trying to see if I could find a year on it... I can barely make out the model number...

Reminds me of the boat in Forrest Gump... Or maybe from
The Little Mermaid. Ha!

How could you resist that sunshine on your face?! 

Pretty sure we should be an advertisement for ski doo...  Or at least Alaska Mining and Diving...

How did I miss this fun last year?!

I'm obviously a Carlon... Super excited about the old Caterpillar parts. :)
Jana needed a boost, so I pushed on her butt... I needed a boost, so she pulled me up.
Such good friends. :)

Preparing for takeoff!

If you look closely, you can see my left arm through Culea's finger... Ha.

Thats where I landed... Felt my back compress on impact then  upper back slightly go out (??) as  I fell forward... Ha.

Best friend in the Bush... Carhartts.

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