Saturday, October 20, 2012

Bats, buddy reading, and volleyball.

This week our theme was bats... We had fun reading the Magic School bus book about bats and then getting to watch the Going Batty DVD... We learned that bats sleep hanging upside down, use echolocation and we learned what guano is. :) The kids thought that was funny... (Its bat poop.)

We had the privilege of working with some high school students two different afternoons. The writing teacher, Holly, had her students write their own children's book so they high schoolers came down to read their books to us. It was fun to watch the big kids and little kids working so well together. My students loved having older buddies to read with and I think it was a good opportunity for my kids to see that they can be authors too!
Sharing the couch with our big kid friends.

Giggles at the stories.

Rockin new teacher showing the kids how its done. And a few first graders showing the big kids how to sit and listen.

Thats the most still those two boys EVER sit. :)

Criss cross applesauce, hands in your lap.

The big kids were scared to read so my sweet child read to them instead. (And our awesome bats on the board with bat facts!)
We had an assembly on Thursday to pump the kids and staff up for the weekend of home volleyball games. We just finished our first night of games and our kids did awesome. They have been working very hard and their teamwork has improved so much. We beat Pilot Station in 5 games. Then we played Scammon Bay and beat them in 3.

Over all its been a fabulous week. I'm exhausted, my roommate is back and she has a cold. So, I'm hoping to get enough sleep tomorrow night and Sunday to NOT get sick again... I'll see if anyone has any pictures from the games tonight. Aaaannnndddd.... I'm off to bed so I can be back at school in 6 1/2 hours for breakfast and more volleyball. Whoop whoop!

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