Wednesday, October 10, 2012

MMMM Gator... and Fire Safety Week

This is one heck of a busy week. It’s been so fun to have fire safety week. Sarah and I spent THREE AND A HALF HOURS on a bulletin board… You all know how artistic and creative I am…. So, it all started with a genius idea that I concocted last week… I wanted on my long bulletin board a fire scene complete with awesome firefighters who looked like some firefighters I know/worked with… On one end I wanted an awesome fire truck with a Dalmatian and on the other end I wanted a burning house… So, I mentioned this to Sarah this weekend and she is MUCH more artistic than I am. She helped me carry out the plan. Here are a few pictures…
Our burning house... It now has water droplets with rules like Stop, drop and roll. Don't hide.  Fall and crawl, etc. 

Our spray of water across the hallway.

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Our fireman and his truck. I really wanted to put Ana's face on the wall, but I didn't have a picture of her. 

Just missing our Dalmatian!

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Monday the commissioner of education was supposed to come to our school in addition to all of the directors from our district office and our regional school board members. With all the extra people in our building I decided I probably should be on my A game. :) So, I wore a nice blouse, fixed my hair so it wouldn’t be too wild, and amped up my teaching game.

The best part of my week this far was DEFINITELY when Sam cooked dinner… MMMMMMM we had gator, sweet potato fries and deer sausage. Good food, good company, and lots of laughter. Then an after-dark walk with my good friend Joshua. Some silly conversation and fresh air was a great end to a fabulous day teaching.

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